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Question 1

Will the SDXCC TX Unit work on a Stock TS-950SDX?

We receive allot of questions asking about this.
The SDXCC 6.7Kc TX Unit will work on a stock TS-950sdx,
and allow the Stock TS-950sdx to Transmit at 6.7Kc SSB.

But unfortunately without the other ESSB Receiver and TX Audio Mods,
there will be some limitations to you.


Without the Voodoo-LABS Receiver and Monitor Mods done to the TS-950sdx,
you will not be able to monitor your TX Bandwidth at 6Kc.
The Stock SDX will Monitor Transmissions at the Stock 3.5Kc bandwidth.
So you will be Transmitting wider then you can hear in the Monitor.


Without the Voodoo-LABS Transmitter Mods done to the TS-950sdx,
You will be limited on the Low Frequencies that will be
Transmitted just as you are on the Stock SDX.
The Stock SDX will attenuate anything below about 90Hz.

We have just updated the website with 90% of the ESSB Mods we perform on the TS-950sdx.
If your handy with a soldering iron, you should be able to accomplish them fairly easy.
If you don't feel comfortable about tackling these procedures,
We do offer to accomplish these extra ESSB Audio mods to the SDX.

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