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There's Modness to ar Methods!!   TS-950sdx ESSB Mods   There's Modness to ar Methods!!

        There's links on this page to various SDX Modifications that we've performed.
Inside these Modification Pages will be Instructions, Pictures, SpectraLab graphs,
and Recordings that detail the modification procedures, and show the results from them.

    We've always wanted to disect a TS-950sdx.
It's a beautiful rig, the pertiest that Kenwood's ever made.
They actually made this rig as the Flagship for contesting.
That's one reason it has such selectivity.
It comes from the factory with 500cps filters installed in both the 8.83Mc and 455Kc IF's.

    One of the things that always floored us was the
lack of modifications on the internet for it. There's hardly anything on the web about it.
We'd plans on getting one, so a service manual was purchased and
the schematics review was started.
We do this on all the rigs that are about to become part of the Voodoo Studio.

    Can't have a rig here with poor Frequency Response....aighnt NOOOOO Way!
The schematics were reviewed intensively for about 8 months and a plan as created.
Once the right TS-950sdx victim was abducted for X-treme Audio Experimentation,
It was Defiled with Extreme Prejudice.
These are the results of our vicious carnage.

TS-950sdx ESSB Mods

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for X-treme Carnage Bliss!!

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as this site is in a constant state of Flux...allways changing.

  Receiver/Monitor Mods  
These are the Receiver Mods for the TS-950sdx.
They consist of complete mods for the Main Receiver, the Sub Receiver, and the Monitor Circuit.
It'll give you a flat Audio Frequency Response on the receiver from around 25cps to 6Kc.
This is on both the Acc2 and the Headphone audio outputs.
The Monitor is very close to the true transmitted audio response.
Once the TX Monitor Improvement Mod is accomplished below, it is the truest TX Monitor on any Ham Radio Today.

  Transmitter Mods  
These are the Xmitter Mods for the TS-950sdx.
They consist of installing a Jensen Audio Xformer into the sdx, installing a TRS connector in the back of the sdx,
and modding the circuitry to allow the Line Audio injection into the DSP.
This is done in a way to allow the Mic Gain, VOX, and Processor to still function.
The TX Frequency Response is greatly improved.

  IF Filter Mods  
These are the IF Filter Mods for the TS-950sdx.
They consist of adding a jumper or a wider filter to increase the maximum 6Kc bandwidth of the 455Kc IF,
"Tweaking" the 12KC LC Coil in the 8.83Mc If, along with Menu and Carrier Offset adjustment procedures.

  TX Monitor S/N Ratio Improvement Mod  
Here are the instructions for the TX Monitor Improvement Mods for the TS-950sdx.
We have perfected the TX Monitor Fidelity and reduced the S/N Ratio (Signal to Noise) considerably with this Mod.
The Frequency Response is from 20Hz to 7Kc. It is absolutely incredible.
We have to say it is probably the truest Monitor Circuit on any Ham Radio Today.
NOTE: You must already have incorporated the Receiver Audio Modifications for this to work properly.

   New TS-950sdx 6.7Kc TX Power-On Mod   
This is the NEW Power-On Mod for 6.7Kc Transmitter ESSB Audio on the TS-950sdx!
It's a Power-On Mod that enables an 'OFF' selection to Menu 21 of the DSP Low Pass TX Filter.
This Power-On Mod will allow the TS-950sdx to be able to Transmit at a 6.7Kc SSB Bandwidth.

  TS-950sdx Hum-Noise-Cable Reroute Mods  
These instructions will remove the 60Hz Ground Loop Hum and Digital Noise from the TS-950sdx.
We have found many sources for these problems and have the solutions to make this rig ultra quite.
These are simple mods that anybody can accomplish.

  ESSB AM Receiver Mod  
These are the ESSB AM Receiver Mods for the TS-950sdx.
This is a mod to the AM Detector Circuitry to get the missing Low End and High End Frequency Response,
The resulting AM Receiver Audio is just spectacular!

  TS-950sdx VOX Sensitivity Mod  
This is a mod to correct the lack of sensitivity of the VOX circuit on the Modified TS-950sdx.
When the TX Mods were incorporated, it was noted that the VOX sensitivity was down.
This mod corrects that problem.

  TS-950sdx TRX Re-flow Mod  
This is a Preventative Mod or Repair on the Transmit and Receive Switching Circuit Board.
If your rig won't Transmit once it warms up, or the Receive is dropping out,
This mod might just correct that problem.
We incorporate this mod into all the rigs that come thru the Voodoo-LABS.

  TS-950sdx Monitor Phasing Mod  
This is a Mod that fixes the phasing of the TX Monitor on certain Bands of the TS-950sdx.
This Phasing shows up as a loss in Monitor Volume and/or changes in Pitch
that changes everytime you key up.
This mod will fix that problem.

  Delay Mods  
This is a Mod to delay the Audio from coming online immediately on power up.
When the rig is turned on, there is a 4 second delay before the Audio will be engaged to
the speaker outputs to keep the Pops/Clicks from the Power Supply Rails charging up, making it to the speakers.
When turned off, they drop the outputs immediately.

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