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There's Modness to ar Methods!!  Gearslutz Pro Audio Mods  There's Modness to ar Methods!!

Hey Gearslutz!!!
Man, Do we got some mods fer you!!

There's links on this page to various Rack Gear
Audio Mods that we've performed here at the Voodoo-LABS.
Inside these Modification Pages will be Instructions
and Pictures that detail the modification procedures.

Gearslutz Pro Audio Mods

  Bellari Pro Audio Mods  
These are the Voodoo Audio Mods for the Bellari Rack Equipment.
They consist of Tube Rolling, Op Amp Rolling, Gold Plated Switch, and Power Supply Smoothing Mods.
It'll give your Audio Awesome Smoothness with those Resonant Harmonix.

  EX3200 Super Silky Secret Mods  
There Finally here!! It's only been 2 years! HaHaHa!!
Trust us, It's worth the wait. These Audio Mods make the EX3200 a Truly Unbelievable unit.
The Lows are soooo smooooooooth, their Liquid!

  HHB Radius-20 Pro Audio Mods  
The Voodoo Labs New Secret Weapon is Finally Unveiled!!
These Audio Mods increase the Clarity, Separation, & Smoothness of the Entire Frequency Spectrum.
It makes the Audio sound like Ethereal Music!

  Triple-C Pro Audio Mods  
Those Maniacal Madmen at the Voodoo-Labs have Ravaged yet Another Machine!
These Mods increase the Audio's Smoothness, Clarity, and Silkyness to a New Level!

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