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Voodoo-LABS News

Here are the latest Maniacal Thoughts
from the Deviants at Voodoo-Labs!!

Howdy Ya'll!!
there is now a NEW Power-On Menu Mod for the SDX!!

This mod will bring the TS-950sdx out to 6.7Kc on the Transmitter,
Just like the SDXCC 6.7Kc TX Unit does.
We have tested it and it does the same exact thing as the SDXCC Unit.

Since this is the case,
as of 9-17-09 we have discontinued the production of the Units.

You can read about how this mod was found and how to enable it by clicking here.

Ya'll Take Care,


Howdy !!
Well the Technicians here at the Voodoo-LABS have been very busy
going thru all the TS-950SDX modifications and compiling them for the website.
They have finally got some of them posted, and revised the older mods as well.
There are updated pictures and component values throughout all the older mods.
Sorry, there are no revision messages or tags for these changes.
Don't worry, most of the changes were minor,
and all the important changes were re-addressed in the new mods.

Check out the NEW TS-950SDX ESSB Mods here.

That's it for now,

Ya'll Take Care now, Ya hear!

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