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TS-950sdx SDXCC 6Kc TX Unit

New 6.7Kc TX Power-On Mod Discovered!!

That's right,
there is now a NEW Power-On Menu Mod for the SDX!!

This mod will bring the TS-950sdx out to 6.7Kc on the Transmitter,
Just like the SDXCC 6.7Kc TX Unit does described below.
We have tested it and it does the same exact thing as the SDXCC Unit.

Since this is the case,
We have discontinued the production of the Units.

We have Ken, W3JK to thank for this new Power-On mod.
He discovered it while he was at the JARL Ham Fair in Tokyo Japan.

So what's the Mod, you ask?

Glad you asked,
what the Power-On mod does is reveal a new setting in MENU 21.
It adds an 'OFF' selection to the Menu 21 - Transmit DSP Low Pass Filter.
So now you will have the Selections of 2600, 2750, 2900, 3100, and OFF.
This is what the SDXCC Unit accomplished, it turned this Low Pass Filter OFF.

Here is how to enable it:

Turn on the Radio while simultaneously holding the 'FINE' button in.
Press the 'MENU' button and turn the 'M.CH/VFO.CH' until Menu 21 is displayed.
Press the 'UP' button until the Selection of 'OFF' is displayed.
Press the 'MENU' button again to return to regular radio operation.

This new selection will stay there unless you do a Master Reset,
or turn on the rig again while holding the FINE button.

One thing we need to mention is that while in the 'OFF' selection,
The AM Mode will not transmit a carrier,
you will need to return MENU 21 selection to something other then 'OFF' when in the AM Mode.

Ya'll Take Care Now!


Awesome 6.7Kc Transmit Bandwidth!!

Voodoo-LABS has broken the DSP codes on the Kenwood TS-950sdx!

We´ve gotten the TS-950sdx out to 6.7Kc on the Transmitter.
This is in SSB, and it is just as clean as the original bandwidth.
absolutely NO loss of functionality with the original TX bandwidth will occur.
The SDXCC 6.7Kc TX Unit makes the TS-950SDX SSB Transmissions Unbelievable!
The Clarity and Openness is just plain Incredible.
Everyone is very impressed with their performance and ease of installation.
We´ve added a few of their reviews for your reading pleasure.

We´ve also added a recording of some Beta Testing.
It´s with Greg, W5UDX and Mike, WZ5Q on 75 Meters.
Both were on Voodoo-LABS Modified TS-950SDX's (VMSDX).
The recording is of W5UDX Transmitting on his VMSDX with the SDXCC TX Unit engaged.
He´s being Received on WZ5Q's VMSDX and recorded on the Computer Soundcard.
WZ5Q's Audio is from his VMSDX Transmit Monitor, recorded to the computer.
He was also using the SDXCC TX Unit.
This is SSB!!! This Audio is from the Transceiver!!! This is UNBELIEVABLE!!
You´ve got to hear this!! Greg calls it 'THE Recording'.

About the SDXCC 6.7Kc TX Unit

The SDXCC 6.7Kc TX Unit is an outboard device with a remote switch on it.
With the switch engaged,
the TS-950SDX will TX at a SSB Bandwidth of 6.7Kc.

With the switch disengaged,
all the original TX Bandwidth Menu Functions for the SDX Unit will be available.

The SDXCC TX Unit will be powered by the TS-950SDX, So no power supply is needed.
The TX Unit interfaces with the DSP Connectors in the rear of the SDX.

We've gotten some questions about the TX Unit,
So here is a FAQ page just for that.


We've decided to post the SDXCC TX Unit Instruction Manual here so that you
can get a glimpse of what´s involved with the installation.
It´s Plug-and-Play, and very simple to install.

SDXCC 6Kc TX Unit Installation Manual.

We want to Thank...

We want to thank Peter, SM5HUA for his support with this project from the start.
Without his kind encouragement, and integral help with the Logistics,
we could not have accomplished this great advancement in the TS-950SDX evolution.
You are truly one of a kind ...Thank You Peter!

We also want to thank Terry, G4TWI for his support with this project.
Without his knowledge and SKill, this project would not have been possible.
Terry was responsible for all the PIC Microcontroller Coding and
also helped with the PCB Board development ideas and consultation.
You are a Brilliant Individual ...Thanks Terry!

We also want to thank all the Beta Testers...
Greg, W5UDX - Jeff, K6VDO - Mike, WZ5Q
Ya'll did a stupendous job ...Thanks!!

Last but definitely not least,
We want to thank all of you that have sent in the reviews of the SDXCC TX Unit.
We deeply appreciate your input and patronage!
Thank You all!!!

Take Care!!


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