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There's Modness to ar Methods!!   TS-950sdx Audio Delay Mod   There's Modness to ar Methods!!

Gotta Hear VOOODOOOO, not Pops & Clicks!!!

Read the 'Stuff'....

Disclaimer Notice
These modifications should be accomplished by qualified personnel who have had enough knowledge and practice in SMD soldering techniques, at the owners risk.
We are not responsible for any personal injury incurred while performing these mods.
We are not responsible for any damage to, or illegal operations of the equipment as a result of the mods, mod errors, or possible mod misinformation via these pages.

The Radio modifications shown here are provided for properly licensed operators only.
The user is solely responsible for making sure that any modifications made to the radio unit must meet all Federal and State Regulations for the Country of use. Liability of damages to any equipment is the sole responsibility of the user. Downloading , viewing, or using any information provided on these pages automatically accepts the user to the terms of this agreement.
Modifications are provided for information purposes only.
Although the greatest care has been taken while compiling these documents, we cannot guarantee that the instructions will work on every radio presented.

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Aighnt finished yet.
But Were' workin on it....check back soon.

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