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TS-950SDX Audio Mods Updated!! on 08-18-09!!!
Kenwood TS-950sdx ESSB Audio Mods
GearSlutz Pro Audio Mods
Kenwood TS-850s & DSP-100 ESSB Audio Mods
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MODification MADness

NEW TS-950sdx Power-On Mod Discovered!!

there is now a NEW Power-On Menu Mod for the SDX!!
This mod will bring the TS-950sdx out to 6.7Kc on the Transmitter,
Just like the SDXCC 6.7Kc TX Unit does.
You can read about how this mod was found and how to enable it by clicking here.

NEW Kenwood TS-950sdx ESSB Mods!!

We now have a bunch of new mods out for the TS-950sdx.
They include mods for the TX Monitor, VOX, AM Receiver, and noise abatement.
The new TX Monitor mod makes the SDX the BEST TX monitor out of any Ham Radio!!
We have also updated the older mods with new Pics and component changes as well.
Check out the NEW ESSB Mods HERE

Well, How the heck are all Ya'll!!

We're so glad ya stopped by our site.
Your going to find allot of Audio Modifications for some Great Equipment.
This site is for all you Amateur Radio enthusiasts (Ham Radio Operators)
that just got to have that Studio Quality Audio.

It's also for all you hardcore GearSlutz that like to
desecrate the Manufacture's so called OEM units, such as
Bellari, Behringer, HHB, TC Electronics, etc.
This site will show you how to climb above the established 'Status Quo'.

Look up at the top of this page,
and down below for Links to the different Mod Pages.
We think your going to have allot of fun!!

Operation Ward 57

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to put dat Voodoo into what You dooo!!

 Gearslutz Pro Audio Mods 
Hear's some Kewl Rack Gear Audio Mods for all You Gearslutz!
We got some for Bellari, Behringer, HHB, & T.C. Electronics.
These Mods really increase the Clarity, Separation, & Smoothness of the Entire Frequency Spectrum.

 Kenwood TS-950sdx ESSB Audio Mods 
These are extensive Hi-Performance ESSB Audio Mods for the TS-950sdx!
It will flatten out the Receiver from 20cps to 6Kc, and the Transmitter from 50cps to 4Kc.
These Mods will wake up this Sleeping Beauty of Amateur Radio Transceivers.

 New TS-950sdx 6.7Kc TX Power-On Mod 
This is the NEW Power-On Mod for 6.7Kc Transmitter ESSB Audio on the TS-950sdx!
It's a Power-On Mod that enables an 'OFF' selection to Menu 21 of the DSP Low Pass TX Filter.
This Power-On Mod will allow the TS-950sdx to be able to Transmit at a 6.7Kc SSB Bandwidth.

 Kenwood TS-850s/DSP-100 ESSB Mods 
This is a link to KA0KA's site which hosts the ESSB Mods
designed by W5JAY and W9AC for the TS-850s and DSP-100.

 FT-1000MP Mark V ESSB Modifications 
These are the long awaited ESSB Modification for the Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V
in a published PDF document. It was Authored by W5CUL and Co-Authored by VE7RF.

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